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Race safety brief and race timings are now up on the Autumn/Winter races page!

For 2015 we strongly recommend that you obtain personal accident insurance before entering any of our races. Full details can be found under Race Info/Race Format & Rules in the drop down menu above. Please note, you are not covered by our insurance for any injuries you may sustain whilst partaking in any of our races as it is understood that you do so on your own accord and accept that mountain bike racing is a dangerous sport.

On a lighter note...

New for this year ,

we are making the sport class timings even easier to encourage more riders into racing and teams will have a discount in the costs of entering!

Welcome to the X-Fusion Southern UK All Mountain Race Series! We have three races spanning the Southern UK with each venue having its own unique feel of terrain and mix of special stages. The winners by the end of the series will have ridden and proved themselves to be true all mountain riders and will receive some amazing prizes for their efforts as well as the much coveted, never to be copied, Enduro1 Bragging Rights Flask!

Full details of the dates and venues can be seen in the drop down menu above. I would also like to thank all our sponsors for their generosity in providing fantastic prizes to give away to you guys and make this fun race series even better. Click on their logos on the right to find out more about their products and why Enduro1 rate them so highly. 


The Enduro 1/ X-Fusion race series is a gravity type enduro which has been formed to allow the general trail/all mountain rider to enter a competition that is fun and friendly and is relevant to their type of riding. Not all of us, including myself, want or enjoy doing repetitive laps around a muddy course for hours on end or have the bottle or money to race downhill! There are classes to encourage those new to racing and for the more experienced rider. I firmly believe this style of racing is the way forward for the average mountain biker so I want to help drive this format forward and give you even more incentive to enjoy your riding; entering races gives you both an incentive to get out and ride as well as improving yourself and of course it is a legit excuse to buy shiny new gear because we all know it makes us ride faster, right?...........Just remember to stick to that excuse when your partner sees the credit card statement!  


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What is Enduro 1?

The format of our Enduro 1/X-Fusion series follows similar lines to the motorcycle type enduro but I have made a few changes to make for a better mountain bike format. The idea is for the competitor to tackle the course as if they are undertaking a new trail ride for the first time. The event takes the form of riding a route typically between 25-30km interspersed by timed or marked special stages. We normaly have a 10am start with each competitor setting off on 30sec intervals. Your timings will be made available one week before the race and this will give you the time you need to reach the next stage by and the distance. Timed special stages have a downhill bias incorporating climbs and undulating terrain so good all around ability is required. Special stages may not be pre-ridden the same as motorcycle enduro rules but may be walked. This will show your skill as a rider at reading and negotiating new terrain at speed.

The routes connecting the special stages are also timed but are ridden at an easier pace. The advantages of this new form of racing is it favours the all round rider rather than the XC whippet or the downhill demon and if you are already an XC, Trail or All Mountain rider you do not require a new type of bike as yours is already suited perfectly to this form of event. We had a fantastic turn out for teams in our first year and are keen to get more teams entered for the next series  so, if for example, you are a local bike store, group of friends or MTB club then put a team together and lets see who will be the team to beat in 2014! The format is a bit more relaxed than normal X country type events and hopefully will allow you to socialise with fellow competitors or team mates in-between special stages. Beware though, this is called 'enduro' because you need to put the miles in and for every downhill Special Stage you will have to climb up again which, mixed with the adrenaline pump from racing the special stages, will ensure you have a good workout  and no doubt feel it come Monday morning…. just like for real!

How the series works.
Age category awards will be presented at the end of each race with the series awards presented to those riders and teams who have completed all three races of the series which will be awarded at the last race. If this is tied then it will be decided on the fastest times from the team chase stages. Entries will be open approx 60 days before each event.
Please note that where prizes are awarded you must be present to receive your prize at the end of the race or else you will be responsible for postage.

How to enter.

Entries will be open in the Enduro1 Shop 1 week after the previous race. When entering please use the comments section at the end of the ordering process to tell me if you wish to race alongside a friend who has entered the same class. If entering a team or you have entered for more than one then give your team mates/friends names and in which order you wish to set off. If anyone is sponsored please give your sponsors name as well. Read the team rules for further information regarding ride order. Please ensure you have read all the race info and bring the right equipment with you as stated in the rules as there will be scrutineering.

For 2015 we are implementing electronic timing and results and awards will be presented on the day.
We need volunteers for marshals so if you are local to the venues and would like to help then please contact me. I am offering a free ride for anyone that can provide a marshal but you will need to be local to the venue as it will require a couple of hours training on a day/evening before the race. Any other offers of help are always greatly appreciated.







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